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Pet Urns, Keepsakes & Cremation Jewelry

We have one of the largest selections of keepsakes, urns and cremation jewelry in Alberta!

There is something to suit every style and budget!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not take hair, fur unless requested on our cremation authorization form. Please make a note on the form if you would like a lock of hair.

We are always looking for locally handmade custom products and keepsakes - if you or someone you know makes amazing pet memorial products, please contact us!

Take a look below to view our catalogue and pricing! 

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PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_09.
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PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_05.jpg
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PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_03.jpg
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PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_04.jpg



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PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_21.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_18.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_23.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_22.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_27.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_26.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_25.
PTR Catalogue 2021 JPEG_Page_02_Page_24.


Paw print jewelry & keepsakes

Wide selection of high quality paw print jewelry and keepsakes.

Obtain your personal access code from Pets to Remember and order online or in our store


Paw print jewelry and keepsakes

Fantastic selection at great prices, and very fast turn-around times. These products make awesome gifts for the whole family! Obtain your personal access code from Pets to Remember and order online or in our store


Pet hair and paw print jewelry

Locally handcrafted and endless customization options!



Urns and Keepsakes

Wonderful designs, there is something for every style and budget. Adorable pet urns and memory boxes. Contact us for pricing inquiries. 


Custom bookmarks, memorial photos and candles

Our in-house graphic designer will create a beautiful custom photo keepsake of your choosing. Contact us to discuss what you would like for us to create for you!

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